brand HIstory

SOUVENIR® is a unique, ready-to-wear label inspired by world travel, culture mixing and the resort lifestyle. Based in Los Angeles, established in 2011; the concept and brand was born by its founder Stefanie, after a soulful holiday around the world. She wanted remember the importance of enjoying life, once returning home. The brand label has a signature red tassel as a symbol of this reminder.

To keep the vacation mood forever, she designs a maximalist destination wardrobe for discerning lovers of sunshine, turquoise waters and individual style. She makes special pieces inspired by what she uncovers through travel, sharing the experience with you.

behind the name SOUVENIR®

The French word sou·ve·nir, refers to an object kept as a reminder of a person, place or event. A remembrance, memento, keepsake or memory.  A travel souvenir has irreplaceable, emotional value and positive memories attached. When we think of what we wore, like a scent or song, we remember where we went and how we felt. . SOUVENIR® believes fashion creates happiness through this connection.

Founder / President & CEO, Stefanie Anderson

Founder / President & CEO, Stefanie Anderson

The  MYAKO COAT DRESS  in Japanese Pinstripe with the  GABRIELLA BIKINI  in  Blue Paisley .

The MYAKO COAT DRESS in Japanese Pinstripe with the GABRIELLA BIKINI in Blue Paisley.


the inspiration

Tapping into the spirit of an island escape and ancient cultures, SOUVENIR® is a joyful maximalist fashion brand, pairing bright colors and bold print mixing.  Pretty florals, feminine silhouettes and luxurious fabrics represent the essence of nature. Globe-trotting elements are explored and blended like a well-traveled passport of colorful stamps.

The collection aims to capture the happiness felt on a holiday escape, releasing the fast world for simple pleasures. Stefanie finds inspiration everywhere, past and present. She believes fashion should be fun and creates for the maximalist woman not afraid to be unique. Minimalism has no place at SOUVENIR® and each piece is meant to be saved forever.


The current collection takes you on a trip around the world starting in Japan, then moves through Asia and Africa.  It takes a whimsical layover in Venice, a stop in Turkey and Morocco, then finishes off in India.  Inspiration is discovered for each detail, while exploring different destinations and cultures around the world. Every SOUVENIR® piece is to be collected, worn for a lifetime and treasured as precious art. Each collection is based around carefully designed maximalist prints which make up a wearable destination wardrobe of coordinating swimwear, caftans, dresses and separates.


SOUVENIR® celebrates a return to ancient traditions and the beauty found in nature. New luxury is waiting for something exquisite and taking time to enjoy those moments. We invests time in our process, from artistic techniques to responsible material choices. Focused on old world artistry, we believe in slower methods and small quantities of unique designs. Limited edition products will soon be offered exclusively here, online.


Each garment is meant to be a work of art for collectors. To be cherished, like valuable paintings or rare mementos discovered while traveling. We partner closely with local factories and skilled artisans abroad who create art, not mass commodities.  Sourcing globally; from Italy to Africa, Greece to France, Turkey to Japan, we work with masters of each genre making premium products in their time-tested place of origin.  SOUVENIR® uses only high-quality Indian cottons, the finest China silks, and Italian swimwear jersey with UV protection. Our swimwear prints are made of Italian, recycled jersey.

Stefanie wears the  KYOTO CAFTAN  in 100% Silk Georgette and  GABRIELLA BIKINI .

Stefanie wears the KYOTO CAFTAN in 100% Silk Georgette and GABRIELLA BIKINI.

Discover SOUVENIR®

Discover SOUVENIR®’s ready-to-wear collections and designer swimwear at the world’s most beautiful escapes, such as The Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts and The Fairmont Hotels & Resorts. Find us at high-end boutiques near and far. Shop our website at escapetosouvenir.com and our Instagram @shopsouvenir.

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